June 15, 2011

Building Up a Firm Foundation

 Really Woolly Bedtime Prayers
"I am the Good Shepherd. I know my sheep." John 10:14

It is weird that one of my favorite devotional books is one given to our son for his Baptism? Part of this stems from how sweet it is, but a huge part is while the words are made simple for the children, God's Word still finds a way to speak deeply and profoundly to me.

The theme of Jesus as our Shepherd runs throughout the book. Each daily devotion has a short Bible verse that talks about one of Jesus' shepherding attributes. The Bible verse is followed by a poem and a two line prayer. It is perfect for little attention spans. (mine included)

With the exception of three Bible verses (my Conformation verse: Psalm 25:5, of course John 3:16, and Psalm 23 - thanks to my pre-school teacher Mrs. Koster who patiently helped write these verses upon my four year old heart), I have always had a hard time committing verses to memory permanently. The verses in Bedtime Prayers are short and simple; my prayer is that I will be able to learn them right along with Henry. Most of the scripture is taken from The Holy Bible, International Children's Bible, and it is amazing to see God's strong Truth written in such simple words.

If you are looking for a devotional book the whole family can relate to, this is a great one. Maybe you're a new Christian (or a veteran who's out of practice with a daily devotion) and a lot of the Bible feels overwhelming or hard to understand; don't be ashamed to order this little board book. Its a great way to be reminded of God's love every day. We are enjoying its presence in our home.

"The Lord is my Shepherd.
I have everything I need."
Psalm 23:1

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  1. Nothing bookends your day as well as starting and ending with prayer and devotion.