Dreams that Inspire Us

Here you will find other Americans' dreams that help to encourage, inspire, and shape our own dream:

Rod Dreher, author of Crunchy Cons
- read more from Dreher.

Udder Covers, encouraging mothers to breast feed out in public
- click UdderCovers.com to purchase your cover!

The folks at Soap.com and Diapers.com
- go see all the earth friendly household products available via soap.com
- and diapers.com has great deals for mommy & baby!

The Green Nursery
- they have organic and recycled everything for baby!

Vegetable Gardener
- here's where we found the instructions for dying Easter eggs naturally.
- check out all the healthy & delicious recipes while you are over there!

Choosing Simplicity
- see how Maggie, her husband, and their three children are getting back to being good stewards of what God has given us here on Earth.

Black Owl Bread Company
- no preservatives, just delicious baked goods

To Love a Soldier
- military wives: looking for a place of comfort and understanding via the internet? visit To Love a Soldier.
- it is always wonderful to hear another graceful and proud Army wife's story.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the content of sites other than our blog, but we have chosen to give you a link to these sites because something there has resonated with us. We may not agree with everything they are saying, but the people sharing their ideas on these sites are going after their American dream. We like that about them for sure!