About Our Dream

Are you living in the Land of the Free? Are you thankful for the abundance America offers? Have you realized that because any and every thing we could ever want is at our finger tips, we have become wasteful and (let's be honest folks) spoiled rotten?

Well, we're right there with you. Welcome to our blog! We are the Schoellhorns and just a young American couple (now family) who decided that it was important - crucial, really - to raise our family to be thankful for what we have, to use our abundance for good, and to always be good stewards of everything entrusted to us. My husband and I are 27 (someone's birthday is coming up in May, but let's not dwell on that). We know that we don't have it all figured out: how do you balance using the earth's resources with the right amount of conserving its abundance? how do you enjoy the extra we have here in our country without becoming a family who merely consumes? how do you give to the less fortunate and at the same time teach them to better themselves? how do you preserve all those mom & pop businesses that we love so much while encouraging creativity and growth through an open and free market? how do you serve your country while hating that our government is so wasteful and inefficient? and oh so many other issues that are dear to our hearts!

Like I said, we in no way have all the answers, but this is our journey into taking back our American Dream, building it up strong, and passing it along to our children (and hopefully a few other families along the way) Join us! Maybe you agree wholeheartedly with us, maybe you are looking for a different American dream than us, but here's the great thing - in this wonderful country of ours, you can find it! We want to help and encourage other American families to go after those dreams even in the middle of all this (we're going to call it like we see it) disgusting, selfishness that runs rampant here in America today.

We completely believe this is the best and most blessed nation in the world, but we also believe it is important to be thankful for and responsible with all those blessings.

So, follow along with us as we clear out clutter, grow our own veggies, donate our excess, pay off debt, save for our child's future, invest in the community around us, raise our family in a strong foundation of faith, serve our country, buy less and build more...

Seth, Natalie, and lil' H