June 20, 2011

A Thank You to the Absent Father

No, not all the dead beat dads out there. I am, of course, talking about the American soldier.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from our Army family to yours. Sunday was Seth's first Father's Day, and he was home - not TDY training somewhere or deployed halfway around the world or on 24hr. Staff Duty or you-fill-in-the-blank. I know Father's Day does not rank up there with Christmas, births of children, or anniversaries, but in the military any holiday your soldier is home for is a cause for celebration.

Our celebration consisted of homemade meals and simple gifts: baby hand prints framed and Seth's favorite book as a child. We spent the entire day at home just the three of us. What a blessing.

Thank you to our military for keeping this country free, so our family can have these special moments. Thank you to those who volunteered to serve our country. The ones who are taking their turn (for some this is turn 4 or 5 or more) in a combat zone. The ones who are missing not only Father's Day this year, but birthdays, afternoons spent in the sprinklers, watermelon seed spitting, firecrackers, summer nights catching lightning bugs, and the rest of the bounty the summer brings.

While we were sitting around the table together opening cards and drinking coffee, some dads were sitting in the heat and sand or on a rocky mountain side opening hand made cards of construction paper and love millions of miles from their kiddos.

When you pass a soldier, don't forget to thank them. They have missed so many holidays and special moments so that your family can spend every one together. They are proud and willing to sacrifice for this country - its not pitty they need, but true appreciation.

Happy Father's Day to all the hard working dads out there!

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