June 24, 2011

Come and Get It, Y'all!

I loved this post from Passionate Homemaking about sitting down to dinner as a family. This was very important to my parents while I was growing up. So many of my childhood memories took place in their kitchen from eating a meal together to cooking with my mom and sister to teaching my brothers to dance around our kitchen island.

Here's the Post:
The Family Dinner Table

Its a sweet little read for a Friday afternoon and a wonderful reminder of how important it is to take time to be a family face-to-face in this busy world we all live in.

Here's most of the fam around my parents' table this past February.

What's your favorite memory of your family as a child? Anything special your parents did weekly to make sure y'all got quality time as a family? Or maybe there's something you and your spouse do now to encourage and strengthen your family?

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  1. I was just telling a friend about how we used to dance around our kitchen and how it was one of my favorite memories! I'm so happy that it meant a lot to you too. :) also I loved "Classic Movie Nights" where we would watch a famous movie (mostly the older classic ones) that we had never seen before. Some were just ok, some were awesome, and some were just plain boring, but it was always fun to eat pizza and ice cream with the family!