July 8, 2011

Tomato & Basil Puree

Lil' H turns seven months next week. He's growing like a weed, and I just can not believe how active he has become in the last month! In the food department, it is time to start introducing herbs and spices into his pureed baby food. Hooray! Cooking for our little guy is getting fun. Maybe only other baby-food-makin'-moms will get my excitement over this, but really, y'all, mixing up more than one ingredient is exciting over here in our kitchen.

I had a couple different varieties of oh so delicious red ripe tomatoes (you know, the ones you just want to sink your teeth into like an apple) and a few leaves of fresh basil in the fridge. We're doing Indian food and then salmon this weekend at our house, so I was afraid that by the time next week rolled around those tomatoes and basil would be no good. So there you go! Perfect for pureeing and freezing.

(ignore all those baby carrots. they are going to make their official debut next week)

Tomato & Basil Puree
1 large ripe tomato, cubed
4 cherry tomatoes, halved
1 Tbl fresh Basil, chopped
2 Tbl warm water

Cooking Instructions:
- ready for this? simply throw it all into the blender or food processor and puree.
- done. :)

Storing Options:
3 days in the frig in an air tight container
3 months in the freezer (try splitting it up into single servings by freezing in ice cube trays. then place "ice cubes" in freezer safe plastic bag)

I think this little mixture would be good warm or cold. Its just so darn hot here right now that I can't really think about eating anything hot. But a cool tomato with basil and a slice of mozzarella? Now that sounds yum yum good!

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