July 1, 2011

Praying for Peace but Willing to Fight

Just a little reflecting after catching up on a few other blogs I follow (while I love most of their views on natural, Christian parenting, I don't always see eye to eye with them on everything):

I know some people wonder if its hard being a Christian while being called to war. Some may even decide that you can't possibly do both - follow God and fight in a physical battle.

The truth? There are times we do not agree with the guys calling the shots in D.C., and that is hard. But to be a soldier's wife? To support our military? To rejoice in our victories? all while being a devout Christian? That is not hard.

Honestly, Who do you think gives us the strength and courage and grace to get through those year long deployments? It is not by our own power, but the power of the Almighty.

Is a non-violent solution preferred? Always. Is the reality of our broken world that not every conflict can/will be solved this way? Yes.

Is Religious freedom worth fighting for? You better believe it! Are there leaders and extreme groups in this world whose mission is to take away that freedom? Sadly, yes.

Are there others out there who are bound and determined to attack and hurt us? Yes. Should we defend our values, our beliefs, our freedoms from them and fight to give more people around the world those same freedoms? Most certainly.

Is Satan using religious terrorists to physically and spiritually attack the Body of Christ? You can bet on that. Do I believe that God's spiritual army is fighting these terrorists even more relentlessly than we are? I do.

Has God called upon his people to physically fight their enemies in the past? Yes. Will He continue to call on us to fight those who seek to oppress others? Yes.

Did God's army celebrate with music, shouting, dancing, praise, and thanksgiving after a tough fight and a victory? Yes. Is it OK to thank God for delivering our enemies (Bin Laden included) into our hands? I believe it is.

Were many of the great, God fearing men of the Bible also fierce warriors? Absolutely. Are there still many God fearing men willing to fight for freedom around the world? Praise God, the answer is yes!

The loss of the innocent is always tragic whether it be from illness, accident, or war. The hearts of their families and those who have killed them should always be prayed for. However, this does not mean that some fights are not necessary, and thankfully God has blessed some with the gift of strength and the ability to fight the good fight.

So, whether your strength lies in fighting or holding down the home front, please respect the men and women who chose a life of service to the military, and know that many choose this life because of a strong conviction from our Lord to protect the innocent, the weak, and those unable to fight.

I know, that was a little heavy for the Friday of a long holiday weekend, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in a holiday that we forget what we're really celebrating. In the case of the 4th of July, we are celebrating our independence as a free nation. How did we receive that freedom? From fighting and winning a bloody war. Even though many lost their lives, it was for a good and right reason, and God has in turn blessed this wonderful nation of ours with overflowing abundance. Don't forget to say a prayer to God this July 4th of thanksgiving and protection for our military.

Alright, get out there now and enjoy your watermelon, hot dogs, and fireworks! :) I know we will!

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