May 15, 2011

Find a Local Farmers' Market

Oh yes! Summer is quickly on its way! While you can definitely check out your local produce year around, those delightful Farmers' Markets are in full swing this time of year. Depending on where you live, you might be able to find one any day of the week, but I'd bet money there is at least one open on Saturdays in your area that the whole family would enjoy visiting.

Everything is green in our backyard, and its a welcome site after a gray, snow-filled winter.

Take those kiddos outside, let them see the bounty that is being grown right in their own backyard, and then let them each pick something they've never tried to take home and eat as a family. Its a great summer activity and might even save you from fighting the traffic in the grocery store produce section for a mediocre squash grown who-knows-where.

On Saturday the Schoellhorns loaded up, and we visited C-Street Market in Springfield, MO. A chilly spring wind blew in that morning, and we weren't quite dressed to stay the whole day at the market. We did do a quick loop through all the local produce and homemade goods as C-Street Market celebrated the opening weekend of their growing season.

The market is located on quaint, historic W. Commercial Street, and I am so glad we discovered this jewel of a spot. I can't wait to go back and snoop in all the adorable boutiques and art galleries on a sunnier day. Seth can't wait to show Henry the historic foot bridge that takes you right over the railroad tracks. (pretty sure they'll be watching trains while I'll search the shops)

We did however have time to pick up a pair of Jalapeno Cheddar Rolls from Black Owl Bread Company's stand. Delicious! Plus I'm pretty much in love with anything having to do with those adorable, squaty owls. I can't wait to try their Spinach feta rolls and maybe an oatmeal raisin cookie next time.

Here are a few web sites to help you locate those local farms, markets, and even restaurants in your area:
Local Harvest
Eat Well Guide

Like what you tasted? Consider always buying your produce locally or joining a Coop. Some even deliver your veggies straight to your door.

My favorite summer treat? Berries! Any berry will do, but I'm a sucker for blackberries and raspberries. What about you?

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